To give a name to the challenges ahead, 
to use art as a force for change,
to inspire and connect
through the unexpected
- that’s why we exist. 


We are CAN

Co-created by visionaries who believe that the powerful transformative qualities of arts can be used for social impact, CAN is a platform that aims to enable, engage and empower individuals, organizations and communities through arts and unlikely alliances in order to generate meaningful change to shape a more humane future together.

Why  Now?

We are at a civilizational crossroads with major global interconnected challenges. And that by nature is a cultural challenge.

CAN believes that we cannot change the status quo in silos, even if we are really efficient; we need cross-sector collaboration. Art is presented with a unique role, responsibility and opportunity in the context of such a need for cultural transformation to achieve greater impact.

Partnerships for Impact

Arts for

Education & Empowerment

Arts for


Arts for

Democracy & Civic Engagement

Arts for

Hope & Coming together

Arts for

Rethinking business

Arts for



Art amplifies the climate change message

Prominent TED Fellow artists in collaboration with Fine Acts launch 10 public artworks on climate change, in ten cities around the world as part of the TED Countdown global initiative.

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Connecting New Allies for Innovation & Impact

CAN has connected two of its founding collaborators - Academy for Impact through Music (AIM) and EIT Climate-KIC – to imagine new synergies and potential innovations in their strategic activity.

AIM is a new global teaching and leadership innovation program initiated by Hilti Foundation in collaboration with CAN, founded to help young people empower themselves and others through music.

EIT Climate-KIC is a European knowledge and innovation community, working towards a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy.

Imperative21 working to reset economy using art

Hundreds of organizations co-create the RESET campaign to call for an economic system change, spreading the message through compelling and free artwork by Amplifier design lab.

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