CAN is an international organization that aims to realize the full potential of arts in service of a more just and humane society by creating a platform to connect and empower individuals and organisations to trigger change through art. In a fragmented sector,

CAN fosters a movement to employ, use and integrate arts in more meaningful ways for social impact, and looks to enable the sector as an ecosystem to create the necessary synergies, cooperation and co-creation to concentrate fragmented initiatives for social impact and generate a systemic boost.

The network was born from the joint efforts of CAL/Porticus Foundation and Hilti Foundation as funding partners, but will also actively test and pursue interest for collaboration from further potential funding partners with shared or synergic causes in order to expand the potential, reach and impact of the network.


To name the challenges ahead, 
to let emerge what can’t be held, 
to use art as a force of change, 
to inspire and connect,
through the unexpected,
that’s why we exist.