To give a name to the challenges ahead,
to apply art as a force for change,
to inspire and connect
through the unexpected

— that's why we exist.

Comm—unity Arts Network


Research conducted by FASresearch into how to increase social impact through the arts with 2075 organisations across 92 countries established that 'Community Arts is a global community of ideas but not yet a global community network'. As a result of these findings, Community Arts Lab- Porticus & Hilti Foundation joined hands to form Community Arts Network (CAN).

CAN was co-created by visionaries who believe that the transformative power of the arts can be engaged for social impact. It is a global platform that aims to enable, engage and empower individuals, organisations and communities through arts and unlikely alliances to generate meaningful change and shape a humane future, together.

Learn more about how we work to achieve these goals, how one can become a member of CAN, and how CAN benefits members and the global arts for social impact sector as a whole:

Discover CAN (PDF)


Discover the Matchmaker to find and get in touch with potential allies within our network.

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